Chief's Message

"Police officers take risks and secure the safety of fellow citizens, and they endure such risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers. Consequently, police work is one of the more noble and selfless occupations in society. Making a difference in the quality of life is an opportunity that policing provides and few other professions can offer."

-International Chiefs of Police Association

Police work is a noble profession. It is a lifelong mission for most people. We want to make a positive difference in the quality of life, and we have all agreed to do this through fairness, pride, quality, and service.

The members of the Orono Police Department work in concert with our communities. We are effective because of the relationships we build with our citizens. The craft of policing is complex and no one person can know everything. Each officer brings skills and knowledge that make us better together than we are alone. I know that if I facilitate a participative organization, the end "product" that we offer you, our "customer," is the best that it can be!

We are committed to saving lives, preventing crimes, enforcing laws and solving problems. We invite people who live, work, go to school and partake in our recreational activities to assist us in achieving our goals.

Correy Farniok
Police Chief