Property Release

Property is taken in by the Orono Police Department (OPD) for many different reasons such as safekeeping, evidence, found property or recovered stolen property.

Maintaining Records of Your Property

It is important that you keep a current list of serial numbers, model numbers, descriptions and receipts of your valuables. Take videotapes or photographs as well. Report theft or loss of property immediately to the Police Department.

Having Your Property Released to You

If the Police Department has property that you believe can be returned to you, you should contact OPD during business hours and schedule its release. 

Before the property is able to be returned, the Property Room Officer must first determine if it can be released to you at that current time. If the Officer determines that the property can be released, you should schedule an appointment and bring with you proper identification.

Please note: Property will not be released without an appointment and identification.

Towed or Impounded Vehicle

The registered owner of the vehicle must bring identification, proof of insurance and valid registration to the impound lot and pay any associated fees to pick up the vehicle.

Impound Lot

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