About Our Community

Orono offers a small town feel but remains only minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Jurisdiction of Land & Waterways

The Orono Police Department (OPD) provides services for Minnetonka Beach, Mound, Orono, and Spring Park. Our overall jurisdiction covers 28 square miles with 8 miles being water. OPD also covers Big Island, which is located on Lake Minnetonka.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office covers all the lakes and waterways in the county and their Water Patrol headquarters is located in Spring Park; which makes it convenient for our officer's to get to Big Island when they are called there.

Fire Departments

Orono is covered by four fire departments.

Ambulance Services

Ambulance and medical services are primarily done by North Memorial Health and Ridgview Ambulance. On occasion, Hennepin County Medical Center may also assist.

School Districts

There are three school districts in our area as well.

Criminal Prosecutors

The Orono Police Department has three criminal prosecutors that handle all adult misdemeanor and some adult gross misdemeanor cases. 

  • Greg Keller, Esq.
    Spring Park
    Phone: 952-401-9405
  • Ken Potts, Esq. 
    Minnetonka Beach, and Mound
    Phone: 952-474-4240
  • Steve Tallen, Tallen & Baertschi
    Phone: 612-349-3900

Hennepin County Prosecutors handle all felony and juvenile criminal cases.