School Resource Officers

Assigned Officers

The Orono Police Department has assigned Officer Jay McCoy and Officer Steve Sturm to the position of School Resource Officer (SRO).

Officer McCoy is working with the Orono School District, and Officer Sturm is working with the Westonka School District to identify ways in which local law enforcement can provide the most effective service to our school aged citizens and their families.

Both are experienced officers who has showed a passion to help the youth of Orono, Mound and surrounding communities. Their knowledge and experience will be a great asset for the SRO position.

Goals & Purpose of the SRO Program

Building relationships with students and staff of all schools is very important when dealing with issues involving school aged children. We want to make sure that children don't feel intimidated by police officers, so that when something is going on in their lives they feel they can talk to us about it. 

The SRO fosters a different approach from the "normal" law enforcement perspective and is sent to specialized training to help further build those skills necessary to become effective. The SRO also handles all juvenile investigation cases and is expected to keep up with the current trends among the youth.