Orono Public Data Access

Public Data Available Online

Search the City of Orono's online Document Repository to view past Minutes, Agendas, Resolutions, Ordinances and Property files.  If you are having trouble finding documents contact City Hall or submit a Data Practices Request.

Search Orono's Electronic Document Library

Building Permit Data Available Online
(mid-2018 to present)

Permit history documents created since mid-2018 are stored in our Citizenserve software portal.  The portal is simple to use, detailed instructions can be found below.

Directions to Retrieve Recent Building Permit Data

Police: Public Records & Police Reports

You may request information or copies of police reports through the Orono Police Department by submitting online, calling, stopping in during regular business hours, or by mailing the request form (PDF) to the department.  

Online Police Data Practices Request Form

Orono: Public Record Request Process

As a government entity, the City of Orono is required to retain certain data. This data, when public, can be accessed and made available to those requesting such information. Data subjects are also able to access private data about themselves in most circumstances. There are two forms of data retained; data on data subjects, or any other data retained by the City that is considered public.  

Submit Online Data Practices Request Form 

Read Minnesota State Statutes Chapter 13. Government Data Practices