2024 Preliminary Budget Information

Preliminary Budget and Tax Levy

On September 25th the Council adopted the Preliminary 2024 General Fund Budget.   The budget is increasing by 4.9% and includes funding for the Orono Fire Department which will begin servicing the Navarre area on July 1st 2024.  The council also approved the Preliminary 2024 tax levy of $9,415,100.   The levy and other revenues will fund the 2024 budget while not increasing the tax rate.

The annual Truth in Taxation (TNT) meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on November 27th.   Public input on the budget and tax levy will accepted at the TNT meeting.  The final budget and tax levy will be approved on December 11th.


2023 Budget and Tax Levy SUMMARY

On December 12th, the City Council adopted the 2023 General Fund Budget and Tax Levy. The General Fund pays for basic government services like Police, Fire, Street Maintenance, Building Inspections, and Zoning. The General Fund expenditure budget is increasing by $969,904 (9.7%). This increase is being partially funded by non-tax revenue sources and requires an increase of $334,156 (5.1%) in the General Fund tax levy.

The property tax levy has six components.  The first is the operating levy which is adopted to fund the General Fund Operating Budget and is increasing by $648,900 (13%).  The second part is the Facilities Levy which is dedicated to be used for construction and capital maintenance of city buildings which is remaining at the 2022 amount.  The third is for the Pavement Management Levy that is needed to fund the City’s pavement maintenance plan and is increasing by $100,000 (11.1%).  The levy for parks is being increased by $50,000 (50%).  The Community Investment levy is being established at $219,000 to pay for projects of citywide value. The final levy component is for the debt service of the City’s outstanding bonds. This levy is increasing by $424,320 to $1,002,000 (73.5%).

The approved 2023 Tax Levy is $8,387,000, an increase of $1,442,220 (20.7%) over the 2022 tax levy. The tax rate is projected to decrease slightly to 16.567%

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