Land Use Applications

Do I need to apply for a Land Use Application

person-typing-keyboardLand Use Applications include those applications where the applicant is seeking Variance, Conditional Use, Subdivision, Site Plan, Interim Use, Vacation, or Regulatory Amendment approval.  Most Land Use Applications require City Council approval. All Land Use Applications start with a pre-application meeting with a Planner, and most require a public hearing.  Please call 952-249-4620 to set up a meeting with a Planner. The City publishes land use application information sheets for more information. 

Variances - Variances are required when a project cannot meet the minimum requirements (setbacks, etc.) or maximum requirements (structural coverage, hardcover, height, etc.) of the zoning code. State Statute allows cities to grant Variances if the required practical difficulty criteria are met.  A Public Hearing is required.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) - Orono Code allows certain uses and actions after approval of a Conditional Use Permit. These actions and uses may have the potential to have a negative impact on adjacent property owners, and the Conditional Use Permit Process allows the City Council to place conditions on a use to mitigate those impacts. A Public Hearing is required.

Interim Use Permit (IUP) - Orono City Code allows for Interim Use Permits for certain grading and land alteration activities, including Mining, and Soil Processing.  A Public Hearing is required.

Subdivision - The division of land to create new lots requires City Council approval. Creation of easements or right-of-way requires Council approval. Subdivision of land is regulated by Chapter 82 of the Orono City Code. A Public Hearing is required, except for sketch plans and Final Plats.

Site Plans - Site plans are required for most commercial and industrial projects.  

Vacation  - Vacation of an easement or right-of-way requires City Council approval. A Public Hearing is required.

Amendments to the Zoning Code or Comprehensive Plan - The Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 78 of the Orono Municipal Code), Zoning Map, or Comprehensive Plan may need to be amended from time to time. A property owner may request an amendment which affects their or adjoining property. A Comprehensive Plan amendment must be approved by the Metropolitan Council in addition to the City Council. Public Hearings are required.

Next Steps/ Process

After the city receives a completed application where a public hearing is required, the city will send out a post card to all property owners within 500 feet of your property, inviting them to a public hearing at the Planning Commission.  The notice of the public hearing will also be posted in the Laker-Pioneer newspaper.  

Planning staff will prepare a report and publish it for public review, typically the Friday before the meeting.  The report and other documents are found on the city website.  The Planning Commission will review the information and receive any written or verbal testimony from those interested.  With this information, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council, who will act on the application.  

More Information

For more information, please contact the Planning Office at 952-249-4620.

 Land Use Application Submittal Requirements

The City has identified Submittal requirements for each application type, understand what you’ll need to provide to get started. 

Apply for a Land Use Application now.