Navarre Municipal Parking Lot Repaving Project

The Municipal Parking Lot repaving project is scheduled to be done the summer of 2023.  The work will consist of the repaving of the city owned portion of the lot, repairs to the stormwater system, a new traffic flow system, striping plan and new lighting.   A copy of the layout is below. 

The City Council awarded the project to GMH Asphalt.  We will post a more detailed schedule once it has been determined.   While the project will certainly cause disruption to the lot area, our intent is to execute the project in such a way as to still allow use of portions the lot throughout the project. The city will have an onsite inspector/representative assigned to the project who will be able to assist in coordinating impacts with individual businesses as the project progresses. 

UPDATE (June 21, 2023) - The contractor is planning on beginning the project on July 19th and being complete by August 25th. 

UPDATE (August 1) - All electrical has been completed and bases poured for the new lights. The rest of this week will be minimal work with a possibility of extending the parking lot in the northwest corner. Concrete curb & gutter in the medians is scheduled to be poured on Wednesday, August 9. 

UPDATE (August 9) - Over the past week the contractor has been preparing the site for the concrete curb to be installed. Over the next week, the plan is to have the concrete curb installed for the islands. The date is dependent on the availability of the subcontractor. Once installed, the curb will cure for a week.

UPDATE (August 30) -The remaining time this week, the contractor plans to complete the removals for the expansion of the parking lot on the north and west side of the lot. They also plan to start to patch back the areas which have been removed for the lights, concrete, and other miscellaneous removals. After Labor Day, the contractor plans to mill the parking lot by removing the top 2” of asphalt. This will leave a thin layer of asphalt in the parking lot and should have heavy trucks avoid traveling through as much as possible. The parking lot will be paved over two days to allow the pavement to cool and harden. Traffic will not be able to travel through the paved section for 24 hours. The parking lot is scheduled to be striped overnight the following week. Notices will be handed to businesses once that date is solidified.

July 12, 2023 Preconstruction Notice

Points of Contact

Site Inspector- Kristina Brierley  (612) 400-2640

Project Engineer- Jeff Weyandt, PE  (952) 448-8838 ext 2536

Public Works Superintendent- David (DJ) Goman (952) 249-4661

City Engineer/City Administrator- Adam T Edwards, PE

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