Town Line Road Street Improvement Project


Townline Road is a border street between the Cities of Medina, Orono, and Independence. To maximize efficiencies the three cities work together to perform operational maintenance. Medina has approximately 650 feet of the easterly side, Orono 2610 feet on the east side and Independence 3260 feet on the west side.

Over the years tiling, paving, and patching have been done to keep the street in relatively good shape. The road surface has now reached the end of its useful life and needs a reclamation and paving. The construction on Townline Road South, from County Road 6 to Juniper Curve, will address safety concerns by paving the one-foot shoulder area and narrowing the lanes to eleven feet to create a two-foot paved shoulder area. The project also addresses the trail section from Juniper Curve to the Railroad crossing.

Construction information below: