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  1. Application for Appointment to the Orono City Council

    The Mayor and four Council Members are elected at large by City residents to represent the interests of the community at large and to... More…

  2. Citizen Advisory Commission/Committee Application
  3. City of Orono Employment Application - New
  4. City of Orono Supplemental Personnel Data for Affirmative Action Recruitment

    The City of Orono is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to the policies and principles of affirmative action in its recruitment... More…

  5. Recodification Feedback and Question Form

    Please submit any feedback or questions you may have regarding the recodification of the City Code process. Thank you!

  6. Zoning Verification Letter Request

    Verfiy zoning, floodplain, and building permit history. Please allow 3-7 business days.

  1. Assessment Search

    Search for current, pending and/or levied assessments against a property.

  2. City of Orono Election of Veteran's Preference
  3. City of Orono Employment Application - Public Works
  4. Online Data Practices Request Form
  5. Report an Issue - Mediacom

    This for is for MediaCom Inquiries only. Please use this form to report any concerns or complaints related to your unresolved/ongoing... More…


  1. Community Organics Recycling Drop-Off Site Registration

    To sign up to use Orono's Organics Recycling Drop-off site, fill out the form below. Upon approval you will receive access to the... More…


  1. Election Judge Application

    The city of Orono is scheduling Election Judges to serve in the 2024 Elections. Training is provided.

  1. Election Judge Meal Form

    Please fill out you selections for lunch and dinner. We will provide bottled water, please feel free to bring your own meals.


  1. Fire Department Comment Card
  1. Part-Time and Paid-On-Call Firefighter

    The City of Orono is now hiring Part-Time and Paid-On-Call Firefighters. Please review the full job description and requirements.


  1. Annual Off Leash Park Pass Application (calendar year pass)

    Pass for the Susan B Lurton Off Leash Dog Park.


  1. Orono Police Department House Check Request
  2. Reserve Officer
  1. Police: Online Data Practices Request Form

    Public records or copies of specific police reports, date, time, location, and/or person(s) involved

Public Works

  1. MS4/SWPPP feedback form
  1. Point of Sale Sanitary Sewer Service Inspection Application

    The City of Orono requires property owners to obtain a Certificate of Inflow & Infiltration (I/I) Compliance from the City before... More…